Artist Statement

Creating art is a dialogue that allows me to break the confines of spoken language and transform the elusive, intangible, and formless thoughts in my mind into physical objects in the visual world. Conceptually, my process of creating mixed media paintings and sculptures relies heavily on the acts of deconstruction, reconstruction, and the layering of materials or brushstrokes to create a whole. I repetitively build up and remove layers of wood, fiber, and adhesives to create deep, visceral, and rugged textures. These textures create the emotive foundations that color expands upon.

My mixed media paintings and sculptures explore memories, dreams, transformation, and ultimately peace. Each piece is a study of relationships, specifically those within the self, between others, and with nature. Recently, I have come to realize my work is filled with gratitude toward an overwhelming outpouring of love and beauty that I had previously never recognized. The acknowledgement, acceptance, and celebration of that love has become an essential theme of my work.