Artist Statement

The act of creating art is not only an exploratory and transformative outlet for expression, but is a poignant nonverbal language I use to speak when words are inadequate. Creating art is a daily dialogue that allows me to transform the elusive, intangible, and formless thoughts in my mind into concrete, physical objects in the visual world. My work addresses memories, dreams, unrealized beauty, transformation, and ultimately peace. I find it is in the process of painting and sculpting that I break the confines of spoken language, and visually speak confusion into clarity. My work is a journal of mourning, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Conceptually, my process relies heavily on the acts of deconstruction, reconstruction, and the layering of tiny pieces or brushstrokes to create a whole. I see beauty and possibilities in discarded materials, such as wood chips, knotted string, warped wood, ripped fabric, and torn paper. These items are typically considered useless, albeit these seemingly worthless materials, that were never meant to survive, become transformed, reconfigured, and essential to my work. They become experiences, memories, and thoughts that have been recognized, accepted, and recreated.

Recently, I have come to realize my work is filled with gratitude toward an overwhelming outpouring of love and beauty that, for many years, I had been unable to see. The recognition, acceptance, and celebration of that love has become an essential theme of my work.